Energy-saving solutions for your sauna
Energy-saving solutions for your sauna
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Modern technology for pure, healthy water
Modern technology for pure, healthy water
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Hofer Group : pool and sauna experts

Pools indoor | outdoor | public | private
All designed and built by the Hofer Group

Hofer Group : pool and sauna experts

The family company lcoated in S. Cristina di Val Gardena with four core businesses:

Pools, Saunas, Air Conditioning, and Bathrooms

For more than 50 years, we have provided solutions for pools, saunas, wellness centers, bathrooms, renovated bathrooms, air conditioning systems, air tratement systems, heating and renewable energy systems. From design through construction: you get it all from a single supplier.

You will find:

• Pools

• Saunas

• Ventilation systems

• Bathrooms

• Wellness centers, complete solutions

From the synergy of these four core markets, Hofer Group designs and constructs:

·         Pools and wellness centers for hotels, public structures, and private homes

·         Ventilation and air conditioning systems of any size: from private homes to concert halls

·         Heating systems, bathroom renovation ranging from plumbing to hardware, and renewable energy systems

·         Dedicated, turn-key solutions for pools, wellness centers, ventilation, air conditioning, heating and bathroom renovations

Indoor and Outdoor Pools - Steam Baths - Saunas - Vitarium

Covered and uncovered pools, saunas, and steam baths - these are all elements for every wellness center and all needs. The Hofer Group is a leader in this industry. The company designs, provides consultancy, manufacturers and installs its products, building simple, complex, custom and innovative wellness centers. The heart of this family business is its expertise in sauna, steam bath, and whirlpool technical systems.

  • Swimming pools and wellness facilities for hotels, public facilities, private customers
  • Ventilation systems and climate control systems from the private household to the concert hall
  • Heating systems, sanitary installation, bathroom renovations, renewable energy systems
  • Turn-key solutions for swimming pools, wellness, ventilation, climate control, heating, sanitation
  • Indoor and outdoor swimming pools, saunas, and steam baths - in short, complete wellness facilities - for any need. 
Sauna | Vitarium 2.0 | Low Energy Sauna
Öffentliche und private Konzepte nach Maß

Steam Bath| Snowflake| Ice Shower
Infinite solutions for your wellness center

The Hofer Group has been in the heating and sanitation industry for more than half a century. Small private bathrooms, large bath complexes, private and commercial heating systems and heating plant, water and waste water installations are among the core markets this long-established firm is active in.

Know how for Pools | Sauna | Ventilation | Air Conditioning
Dedicated knowledge, innovative technology and targeted products

Specialized in Heating, Bathroom Renovation and Renewable Energy Systems

For more than half a century, the Hofer Group has been specialized in the heating and bathroom industries. It has a long tradition and top expertise in plumbing and heating systems for small private baths to large industrial buildings, crafted or commercial. This modern, always on the cutting edge company has outstanding skills in the design and construction of innovative systems that employ renewable energy sources.