The Hofer Group advises, plans, constructs and maintains
The Hofer Group advises, plans, constructs and maintains
swimming pool complexes and wellness landscapes of every size
The Hofer Group completes
The Hofer Group completes
the wellness circle with high-quality products.
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The Hofer Group: the firm with 4 core competences

More than 50 years of competence: swimming pools, wellness, climate control, ventilation, HSI, renewable energies. Innovative complete solutions in plant and commercial construction from one source.

The Hofer Group from Santa Cristina is your competent partner for the construction of wellness and swimming pool facilities, in the planning and implementation of ventilation and climate control systems, for heating, sanitation and renewable energies. From the synergy of these four sectors, the Hofer Group plans and produces sustainable complete solutions for small and large, private and public projects.

  • Swimming pools and wellness facilities for hotels, public facilities, private customers
  • Ventilation systems and climate control systems from the private household to the concert hall
  • Heating systems, sanitary installation, bathroom renovations, renewable energy systems
  • Turnkey sector solutions for swimming pools, wellness, ventilation, climate control, heating, sanitation

Swimming pools for indoors and outdoors, saunas, steam baths - in short, complete wellness facilities - for every requirement. The Hofer Group is one of the leading companies in the swimming pool and wellness facilities sector. The Hofer Group plans, constructs, advises and produces for all needs in matters of producing customised, innovative wellness facilities. Sauna facilities, steam baths and whirlpools are among the core competences of this family firm.

Furthermore, the Hofer Group has been in operation as a specialist in heating and sanitation for more than half a century. Small private bathrooms, large bath complexes, private and commercial heating systems and heating plant, water and waste water installations are among the core competences offered by this long-established firm. 

The expansion of our field of work to include planning and production of modern, high-performance energy plant with innovative, regenerative energy systems shows how progressive our firm is.

In planning and producing small and large ventilation and climate control systems for private and commercial use, the Hofer Group is the partner of the Menerga world-wide corporation for the whole of Italy.