The Hofer Group advises, plans, constructs and maintains
The Hofer Group advises, plans, constructs and maintains
The Hofer Group completes
The Hofer Group completes

Hofer Group - Pool and Sauna professionals


The family company from S. Cristina in Val Gardena with expertise in four areas: swimming pools, saunas, climate control, and bathrooms.

For more than 50 years, the company has been providing solutions for swimming pools, saunas, wellness centres, complete bathrooms and climate control for facilities, ventilation, heating and renewable energy systems. From design to construction, all from a single supplier.

You will find:

• Pools
• Saunas
• Ventilation Systems
• Bathrooms
• Wellness Centers, complete solutions

With the synergy of these sectors, Hofer Group designs and constructs:

Swimming pools and spas for hotels, public facilities and private homes

Ventilation systems and climate control systems for any size, from private homes to concert halls

Heating systems, bathroom renovations (from plumbing to decor), and renewable energy systems

Dedicated turnkey solutions for all swimming pools, spas, ventilation, climate control, heating, and bathroom renovation sectors.

Swimming pools for indoors or outdoors - steam baths – saunas - wellness centres

Swimming pools for indoors or outdoors, saunas, and steam baths - in short, complete wellness facilities - for every requirement. The Hofer Group is a leader in the swimming pool and wellness facilities sector. The Group designs, constructs, produces and provides consultancy for innovative wellness facilities. The core of this family business is its expertise in sauna facilities, steam baths and whirlpools.

Company specialized in heating systems, bathroom renovation, and renewable energy plants

For more than half a century, the Hofer Group has been a heating and bathroom plumbing experts. The company has a long history and maximum expertise that ranges from plumbing small bathrooms in private homes to heating and water systems in large bath complexes for commercial businesses. This modern company stays up to date with all the special skills required for innovative design and construction with renewable energy sources. 

Good Air – Optimum Climate – Healthy Life

Hofer Group is the Italian partner of the world leading Menerga for the design and installation of small and large climate control and ventilation systems for both private homes, industry, craftsmen, and commercial businesses.

Hofer Group - Summary


The Hofer Group in S. Crisitna is your expert partner for all needs and questions regarding swimming pool construction, sauna builds, installing climate control and ventilation systems, design of innovative renewable energy plants, and the installation of plumbing and heating for water-heating systems.  You will always find information on swimming pools, recommendations for saunas, and cost analysis ready, available, and dedicated to your needs. Please see our recommendations in the “services” link pool construction