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Experience, Excellence, Craftsmanship, and Innovation

About us

These are our values and what our customers discover when they choose us as their partner to bring about even the most ambitious visions.

Hofer Group has a family tradition. Paul Hofer, who began as a plumber’s apprentice, founded the company in 1961, bringing his knowledge of plumbing and wellness basics from Northern Europe to South Tyrol.

His family has always been an essential part of the business, and his four sons have helped it grow and established the Hofer brand as a standard in the sector.

Hofer Group is one of the rare companies in Europe to deal with ventilation systems, wellness centres, swimming pool systems, and plumbing and heating systems simultaneously. Due to this rare feature and the company’s continuous investment in research, Hofer Group is now the leading supplier of high-quality projects.

The Hofer Group

The Hofer Group includes the businesses owned by the Hofer family holding.

Each company in the group has the capacity to take on even the most ambitious professional challenge with the finest knowledge in the sector, thanks to these collaborative endeavours.


Hofer Holding


  • Hofer Group – consulting and manufacturing plumbing and heating systems, saunas, wellness centre systems, pools, and ventilation systems.
  • SPAConsulting – technical consulting for designers and hoteliers regarding wellness centres, pools, and ventilation
  • SPA4 – specialists in the production of saunas and wellness centres
  • Alpspirit – specialists in products for the beauty industry
  • Menerga Italia – technical and commercial contact for Menerga AHUs in Italy


The Hofer Group Home Office in S. Cristina

The Hofer Group’s Home Office is located in the heart of Val Gardena. Our design studio, technical offices, service centre, warehouse, and “wellness concept,” where you can touch and feel our work, are all located here. Research and development work closely together at this facility. This facility houses the customer room, the “haute couture of wellness” lounge, and the conference room for advanced training sessions. The “haute couture of wellness” lounge was designed with high-profile clients in mind and offers a unique setting for engaging all five senses of well-being, brainstorming ideas, finding inspiration, or simply devoting time to your dream.



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Technical Branches

In addition to the head office, the Hofer Group has its own technical branch offices. Some system components, such as Aquarixx® structures or insulated ventilation ducts, are manufactured in these structures.

Santa Cristina

Val Gardena

Val Gardena



AAA Rating: What does it mean?

The rating, which expresses an opinion on a company’s ability to fulfil its obligations, is essential in determining how financially reliable a business is.

The rating is based on the financial reliability judgement and is a sort of “grade” that the banking system assigns to a company based on its behaviour towards the system itself. The more reliable a company is from a banking point of view, the higher the grade the system assigns. It’s similar to what occurs in the classroom. The better prepared a student is, the higher their grade! Always check a company’s rating before putting your trust in it. Hofer Group has received the highest AAA dependability index rating, indicating that it is a strong and trustworthy partner that can guarantee the customer the continuance of the realisation or service.

Hofer: a success story told in 50 steps

Paul Hofer was born on 18 January 1936, the fifth of nine children, in Villabassa, Val Pusteria. If you believe in astrology, Paul Hofer must have been born with some pretty unique personality traits. If this is indeed the case, his story, which is filled with undeniable successes, is the only way to demonstrate it.

“You can never tell what he has in mind. He has a great ability to conceal his thoughts behind a steady mask that hides them deep inside. But one thing is certain: behind that apparent calm burns a secret fire. His relentless, inexorable progress toward a hidden goal can be compared to a lava flow. Paul is a firm believer that significant effort must be put forth in order to accomplish a goal. He knows that any talent in the world is worthless without perseverance. This is the key to his success in both his private life and in business. He consistently climbs to the top as if he were born to be a manager. He is practical, decisive, and ambitious. Those who walk beside him and continue to support him are always amply rewarded. When faced with misfortune or something negative, he perseveres and starts over.”

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