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Building saunas for hotels and private individuals

Hofer Group is the industry leader in sauna building, ensuring that you’ll have an outstanding wellness experience each time you use it.

Indulging in a sauna is a highly relaxing and rejuvenating experience, regardless of the season. The soothing warmth of the sauna totally regenerates you after a day of vigorous outdoor activities in contact with nature.

The Hofer Group’s saunas will astound you with their elegance and sophisticated technology while also ensuring total relaxation and indulging the body and spirit, whether at home or in a hotel.

Customer expectations can only be met with high standards of quality. We place a high value on accuracy and precision in how we work, including planning, manufacturing, building, materials, resources, and design to achieve project perfection.

Finnish Sauna

The Finnish sauna is a traditional form of relaxation where high temperatures of up to 90°C (194°F) and low humidity enable an intense full-body experience. This type of sauna is perfect for those who love strong heat and dry air, seeking deep relaxation and cleansing for the body.

The unique ambiance of the Finnish sauna is enhanced by carefully selected, high-quality wood, appreciated not only for its aesthetic appearance but also for its ability to emit a uniform and comfortable warmth. During the infusion (Löyly in Finnish) with pure water and selected essential oils, an inviting fragrance unfolds, invigorating the senses and calming the mind.

In the Hofer Finnish Sauna, one finds a sanctuary to escape the hustle of everyday life, diving into a world of peace and recuperation. The high heat promotes blood circulation and supports the body's detoxification process, while the mind experiences meditative relaxation.

Bio Sauna

The bio-sauna combines the benefits of traditional sauna experiences with a particularly gentle and natural approach, ideally suited for wellness enthusiasts who prefer milder heat. Characteristic of the bio-sauna are moderate temperatures compared to the Finnish sauna, coupled with increased humidity, creating a particularly pleasant and gentle sauna experience.

The core of this sauna is the harmonious blend of gentle warmth and the delicate scent of natural aromas, derived from a careful selection of herbs and essences. These components are purposefully used to enrich the air and create an environment that relaxes both body and soul. Thus, the bio-sauna is a refuge for the senses, where one can leave the outside world behind and immerse in an oasis of tranquility.

The gentle heat and enriched air beneficially affect the respiratory system and skin, promote circulation, and support the body's natural detoxification process. The mild climate of the bio-sauna is excellent for beginners and those sensitive to high temperatures, without missing out on the beneficial effects of a sauna bath.

Hay sauna

The original Hofer hay sauna is a unique wellness centre feature that stands out for its high air humidity and comparatively low temperatures. The hay sauna’s cool temperatures are perfect for anyone who wishes to perspire lightly without overtaxing their circulatory system.

The respiratory system and skin absorb the active components of herbs and grasses in a warm, humid environment. It truly feels like being high up in the mountains, with the scent of freshly harvested hay. It will feel like summer in the South Tyrolean Alps! The hay allows you to escape from the stress of everyday life and experience, either alone or with others, the picturesque setting typical of a rural mountain farm.

The hay sauna is a unique experience: in addition to being relaxing, the beneficial and advantageous effects of the herbs also help reduce inflammatory discomforts. This creates a particularly pleasant climate that gives this ancient health practice a prominent position in every wellness department. You will feel calm and relaxed, and after a bit, you will feel strong and refreshed.


The technology behind the Hofer Group's saunas embodies the perfect symbiosis of traditional craftsmanship and state-of-the-art technology, ensuring an unparalleled wellness experience. Our saunas are the result of decades of experience and innovation, with every detail aimed at optimizing efficiency, safety, and comfort.

At the heart of every Hofer sauna is intelligent control technology, allowing for the regulation of temperature and humidity to create the ideal sauna atmosphere. These systems are user-friendly and enable users to customize their sauna experience, whether by setting specific climate conditions or integrating light and aromatherapy to further enhance wellbeing.

A key feature of Hofer sauna technology is energy efficiency. Advanced insulation materials and optimized heating systems are used to minimize energy consumption while ensuring rapid heating of the sauna. This approach not only supports sustainability but also makes operating the sauna as cost-efficient as possible for our clients.

Integrating safety features is a top priority to ensure a worry-free sauna experience. Automatic shutdown mechanisms and scald protection are just some of the measures implemented for users' protection.

Finnish technology

(80/100˚C – RH 10/25%)

Aufguss master technology

(90/100˚C – RH 10/30%)

Aufguss technology

(80/100˚C – RH 10/30%)

Biosauna technology

(50/60˚C – RH 45/55%)

Pine technology

(45/55˚C – RH 40/60%)

Essence technology

(45/55˚C – RH 45/55%)

Hay technology

(45/50˚C – RH 60/70%)

Infrared technology



The carefully regulated air exchange and circulation in a hot sauna are necessary to provide a quality, safe atmosphere. Air exchange plays a significant role in the continuous supply of fresh oxygen - especially when the environment becomes very hot.

Our experience in large air handling systems has enabled our technical department to study and design a controlled circulation system that clearly raises the quality of the sauna environment. It increases the oxygen in the chamber to create an immediate sensation of well-being. The oxygen content of the fresh air is directed into the heater, warmed, and then diffused into the chamber. The dry, heated air rises, gradually deposits on the already warm body, gets heavier, cools, descends, and escapes through the ventilation valve of our system, which is placed at the bottom of the chamber.

This approach reduces consumption while improving the user’s sense of well-being.


The design of the Hofer Group's sauna surfaces reflects an extraordinary understanding of aesthetics and functionality, evident in every detail. The carefully selected materials and finishes combine naturalness with high-quality craftsmanship to create an atmosphere of calm and exclusivity, meeting our luxury segment customers' high standards.

The use of noble wood plays a central role in our saunas' design. It is valued not only for its natural beauty and warm appearance but also for its ability to promote a healthy and balanced sauna climate. Each type of wood is carefully chosen for its durability, scent, and texture, ensuring it enhances each sauna's unique character. The wood surface treatment is carried out with the utmost care to ensure longevity while preserving its natural radiance.

In addition to wood, we also rely on innovative materials and coatings that are visually appealing and offer practical benefits. Antimicrobial surfaces, non-slip floors, and heat-resistant panels are examples of functional integration that increase safety and hygiene in our saunas. These materials are specifically selected to withstand the high temperatures and humidity of a sauna environment without compromising quality or appearance.

The aesthetic component of our surface design is complemented by a thoughtful selection of colors and textures, creating a harmonious and relaxing environment. Indirect lighting and built-in light elements are strategically used to enhance the natural beauty of the materials and promote a sense of well-being.





Hofer Group excels in personalizing their saunas with a variety of optional features, making each sauna a unique retreat that meets the expectations and needs of our discerning clientele.

Some of the selectable options include:

  • Various types of wood for surfaces
    Hofer Group customers can choose from a range of high-quality woods, carefully selected for their aesthetics, tactile properties, and thermal characteristics. Whether it's the warm ambiance of cedarwood, the robust elegance of oak, or the fine structure of aspen, each wood type contributes to a unique sauna experience by offering a specific atmosphere and scent.
  • High-quality speaker systems
    For a complete sensory experience, we offer integrated audio systems that allow for the playback of relaxing music or natural sounds during the sauna session. These systems are designed to deliver excellent sound quality even at high temperatures, contributing to an even deeper state of relaxation.
  • Various types of lighting
    Lighting plays a crucial role in the atmosphere within the sauna. Our customers can choose from various lighting options, from soft, indirect light that creates a soothing environment to colorful LED lighting suitable for light therapy, further enhancing wellbeing.
  • Cover protection mechanisms for the stove
    Safety is our top priority in our saunas. Therefore, we offer innovative cover protection mechanisms for the sauna stoves, which not only protect against accidental contact but also seamlessly integrate into the sauna's design, preventing the stove from activating if something is left on it.
  • Automatic infusion (Löyly in Finnish) systems
    For an optimal sauna experience without interruptions, our automatic infusion systems provide precision dosing of water and essences, ensuring regular and even infusions that make staying in the sauna a true pleasure.
  • Emergency buttons
    As part of our commitment to safety and wellbeing, our saunas are equipped with an easily accessible emergency button, allowing immediate assistance if needed. This feature ensures an additional level of safety for our customers.

Stove protections



LED lighting


The construction of the Hofer Group's sauna cabins demonstrates extraordinary engineering artistry, blending traditional elements with the latest technologies to ensure an unparalleled sauna experience. Each cabin is built on a solid foundation structure, thoughtfully designed and engineered to meet our customers' high expectations.

Another core element in the construction of our sauna cabins is the aluminum vapor barrier. This specially developed component protects the structure from moisture and significantly contributes to the cabin's durability and safety. Combined with high-quality insulation that meets DIN 4102 standards, the Hofer Group sets new benchmarks in the industry. The insulation is designed not only to minimize heat loss but also to contribute to soundproofing, making the sauna experience even more enjoyable.

This meticulous approach to construction not only ensures that each sauna is a masterpiece of functionality and design but also reflects Hofer Group's commitment to sustainability and environmental respect. By using cutting-edge materials and technologies, we are dedicated to creating saunas that offer a safe and rejuvenating haven, where our clients can find relaxation and wellbeing, enjoying an experience that exceeds every expectation.




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