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Building saunas for hotels and private individuals

Hofer Group is the industry leader in sauna building, ensuring that you’ll have an outstanding wellness experience each time you use it.

Indulging in a sauna is a highly relaxing and rejuvenating experience, regardless of the season. The soothing warmth of the sauna totally regenerates you after a day of vigorous outdoor activities in contact with nature.

The Hofer Group’s saunas will astound you with their elegance and sophisticated technology while also ensuring total relaxation and indulging the body and spirit, whether at home or in a hotel.

Customer expectations can only be met with high standards of quality. We place a high value on accuracy and precision in how we work, including planning, manufacturing, building, materials, resources, and design to achieve project perfection.

Warm, humid, cold environments

Hofer Group consultants will outline the possibilities and benefits of each type of sauna so you may select the one that best suits your needs.

You may select between a warm setting, like a Finnish sauna or a hay sauna, a humid setting, like a steam room or a luxurious Turkish hammam; or a cool setting, like a cold-water pool or a magical snowstorm.

The harmony of these elements allows us to forget everything around us and focus on ourselves and our feelings. The body is freed of stress, and we can completely relax. Alternating between a hot and cold bath boosts the immune system and aids the body’s self-purification process. While the soothing warmth calms the body and mind, cooling or plunging into the cold helps to promote blood flow and efficiently revive us.

Your sauna area is our focus at the Hofer Group, from design to construction.

Warm Environment

Are you trying to decide which sauna is right for you? Do you prefer hot Finnish saunas, a sauna with lower temperatures, or something more extravagant, such as a mountain hay sauna? Choose and create the sauna that completely fulfils your vision and coincides with your preferences along with the professionals from the Hofer Group. We have been promoting the wellness sector for many years and will gladly help you find the best solution for your needs. We consider whatever choice you make to be the right one. The result is what is important: achieving maximum physical and mental relaxation.

Warm environment in detail

The sauna in your personal wellness oasis must be meticulously planned. First, you must choose the best location for it and, very importantly, choose a style that fits your setting. With over 50 years of experience, the Hofer Group can create your sauna as if it were your own refuge, a place where body and soul are in perfect harmony. We have an extensive range of materials for fittings, high-quality woods with different types of processing, and infinite solutions, including high-quality loungers, windows, doors, stoves, and genuinely amazing lighting systems.


The basic structure of Hofer Group chambers is meticulously planned to create a unique and soothing sauna experience.

Our technical division developed the wooden framework to serve as a heat accumulator in addition to being insulated. The materials used inside the chamber were carefully and precisely selected to make the overall structure distinctive and exceptional. The Hofer Group has raised the bar for the industry standard with its DIN 4102-compliant aluminium vapour barrier and insulation.


Warmth can be enveloping, delicate, or rich in flavour. Each goal has its own technology. Our design office does not create standard saunas with different names; it creates harmony between technology and emotions. We create a unique system intended to create an unforgettable emotion.

Finnish technology

(80/100˚C – RH 10/25%)

Aufguss master technology

(90/100˚C – RH 10/30%)

Aufguss technology

(80/100˚C – RH 10/30%)

Biosauna technology

(50/60˚C – RH 45/55%)

Pine technology

(45/55˚C – RH 40/60%)

Essence technology

(45/55˚C – RH 45/55%)

Hay technology

(45/50˚C – RH 60/70%)

Infrared technology


Hay sauna

The original Hofer hay sauna is a unique wellness centre feature that stands out for its high air humidity and comparatively low temperatures. The hay sauna’s cool temperatures are perfect for anyone who wishes to perspire lightly without overtaxing their circulatory system.

The respiratory system and skin absorb the active components of herbs and grasses in a warm, humid environment. It truly feels like being high up in the mountains, with the scent of freshly harvested hay. It will feel like summer in the South Tyrolean Alps! The hay allows you to escape from the stress of everyday life and experience, either alone or with others, the picturesque setting typical of a rural mountain farm.

The hay sauna is a unique experience: in addition to being relaxing, the beneficial and advantageous effects of the herbs also help reduce inflammatory discomforts. This creates a particularly pleasant climate that gives this ancient health practice a prominent position in every wellness department. You will feel calm and relaxed, and after a bit, you will feel strong and refreshed.


The carefully regulated air exchange and circulation in a hot sauna are necessary to provide a quality, safe atmosphere. Air exchange plays a significant role in the continuous supply of fresh oxygen - especially when the environment becomes very hot.

Our experience in large air handling systems has enabled our technical department to study and design a controlled circulation system that clearly raises the quality of the sauna environment. It increases the oxygen in the chamber to create an immediate sensation of well-being. The oxygen content of the fresh air is directed into the heater, warmed, and then diffused into the chamber. The dry, heated air rises, gradually deposits on the already warm body, gets heavier, cools, descends, and escapes through the ventilation valve of our system, which is placed at the bottom of the chamber.

This approach reduces consumption while improving the user’s sense of well-being.


Details that make the chamber perfectly tailored to your desires.

Stove protections



LED lighting





Hofer Group also plans and implements

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