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Design and construction of Spas and wellness centres

The Hofer Group is your capable partner when it comes to wellness, namely the design and building of spas, whether for individuals, public wellness areas, or spas in large or small hotels. We guide you through every step of spa and wellness centre design, from conception to completion, and identify the best possible solution.

Projects created specifically for you that reflect your preferences and standards and are in keeping with your personality, character, and sense of style: elegant, refined, minimalist, luxury, basic...

With our technical expertise and love of details, we will guide you in designing your SPA and wellness centre with experience, seriousness, and cost analysis.

Customised ideas for the success of your wellness oasis, for total relaxation of body and soul.

SPA design and construction principles: The wellness concept for Hofer Group

EBe at peace with yourself, feel good about the world around you, and enjoy the present moment. For Hofer Group, wellness is more than just a trend; it’s a lifestyle. With our systems for saunas and wellness centres, we hope to help people care for their bodies and souls while also paying attention to their health.

We create an atmosphere of complete well-being to satisfy many desires: the desire for relaxation, rest, security, and inner serenity, also by effectively balancing the use of energy sources. Long-lasting wellness is only possible if all these elements are kept in balance. When designing and building Spas, we accept this challenge for our customers, for those who love saunas, wellness, and, finally, the environment.

Enjoy the sensation of long-lasting, complete, and total wellness.

Design and construction of Spas and wellness centres: maintenance

Since Hofer Group’s goal is to guide its customers from the design to the maintenance of their pool and wellness centre, we have created a line of products for their proper care over time.

Discover our products in our shop.

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