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Pool lighting

What could be more beautiful than diving into a pool bathed in light? Pool lighting, and especially colour therapy, stimulates the senses, awakens the emotions, helps relax from daily stress, and increases the sense of well-being.

The pool experience takes on an entirely new dimension. Lighting is a unique and indispensable design element for setting a scene inside the swimming pool. Underwater spotlights create breathtaking scenes in the underwater environment, from elegantly accented islands of light to uniform illumination that reaches the smallest crevice.

If desired, the underwater spotlights can also illuminate the entire range of rainbow colours in your pool to take advantage of the latest discoveries in colour therapy. Sky blue is calming and helps counter nervous disorders, insomnia, and anxiety.

Green eases headaches and aids in the recovery and regeneration of the respiratory organs, nervous system, and joints. Yellow increases wellness and has a positive effect on the stomach, intestines, and nerves. Finally, red revitalises and stimulates blood circulation. With our underwater lighting solutions, you can always set your aquatic environment in the proper light, promoting peace and relaxation.

Pool Lighting: White Led Underwater Spotlight

Underwater spotlights are an ingenious alternative to conventional halogen spotlights. A beautiful cone of light created by 6 LED chips produces the purest white light that may be dimmed using the control circuits. The premium housing made of corrosion-resistant stainless steel is compact and can fit into even the tiniest space. It is particularly suitable for stairs, steps, or seating nooks. It has a wide beam angle of 100° underwater and uses little energy.

Pool Lighting: Rgb Led Underwater Spotlight

The colours take your pool to a new dimension. The evening and night effect is electrifying when viewed from the outside. Immerse yourself into the world of chromotherapy, and the result will be intoxicating. RGB spotlights use 6 RGB LED chips to create genuine colour effects that span the entire light spectrum. Every imaginable programming variation is possible, including slow or fast light sequences and cyclical colour routines. Your pool lighting system must include an RGB LED underwater floodlight!

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