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Plumbing and Heating systems - Artisanal design

Hofer Group is a benchmark for quality plumbing and much more. The market does not always deliver what we want. Being able to create unique pieces, designed and made with passion by true master artisans, is a satisfaction enjoyed by few people. Uniqueness has worth beyond its monetary value.

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Our body can get water from above, below, on the sides, or just a refreshing bucket. But today, we can have more. Essences, atomisation, music, and design have all been made possible by the capacity to blend various elements and brands or create one-of-a-kind handicrafts.

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Immersed in the dark in relaxing warm water or enveloped in gentle bubbles and caressed by the sun, whatever the atmosphere, a nice bath after a hard day is always a paradise for the mind. Technique and materials go hand in hand with the environment and use requirements.

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Home Spa

A Home SPA is a setting where personal interests are used to create well-being. Jazz music, a good book, a rejuvenating sauna, a Japanese Onsen bath, or simply enveloping full-body steam. Designing a home spa that can take your mind off your daily worries is possible. The secret to fulfilling the dream of the fortunate few is experience in analysing people’s desires and understanding functional technology.

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The bathroom has become the place where we relax and escape the stresses of everyday life, if only for a few minutes. Beautiful design and guaranteed functionality are the foundation for enjoying our relaxation in the best possible way. Thanks to our expertise in the SPA industry, designing a bathroom that allows us to pamper ourselves is possible.

Home plumbing

The shower, sink, toilet, washing machine, and fountain are just some of the facilities we use every day. The system must be planned and implemented together because the water that comes out is our water; we use and consume it. We cannot achieve our desired standards by improvising.

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Potable water treatment

Water plays a fundamental role in our lives. Remember, our body is made up of 60% water. Analysing the water, we drink and testing technologies that can improve it is the best gift we can give our bodies.

Rainwater recovery

Rainwater recovery is helpful for irrigating lawns, vegetable gardens, or large planters. Respecting our environment by not wasting water also helps us save money. Proper planning is the way to make the best use of all natural resources.

Gas systems

Correct installation and expert planning are the basis for the safe use of such a valuable resource. When it comes to safety, material quality is crucial. Our top priority is safety!

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Boilers and heat pumps

The goal is to generate heat, and the technology used is the key to success. No product is better than the others, but there is the right product for every situation. Making the best decision requires a careful assessment of the technology and a comprehensive understanding of the project.

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Solar panels

High-efficiency solar panels are used to transfer the sun’s immense energy to our heating and domestic water systems. Recovering solar energy demonstrates consideration for the environment and a desire to lower CO2 emissions. A well-designed complete system will be able to harness all available energy.

Heating and cooling

Warming or cooling the environment are outdated concepts. Creating balance is what we seek today. Current technologies that must be integrated harmoniously include radiant heat from structural surfaces, designer radiant components, and controlled ventilation. The best way to establish the technical harmony that results in environmental balance is through design mixed with technological experience. Living in a balanced environment leads to quality of life.

Central vacuum

The central vacuum is used to conveniently vacuum all rooms. It eliminates the need for cumbersome equipment, speeds up work, creates less noise in enclosed spaces, and gathers all the dirt vacuumed up in one handy location. Piping design and installation are essential for an effective result.

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