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Making expertise available

In recent years, we have seen significant evolution in the industry related to the creation of wellness spaces and swimming pools, both in large facilities and the private sector.

The variety of alternatives frequently confounds both the planner and the end customer, and it is not always easy to determine the actual value of the proposed solutions.

Hofer Group, a standard in the industry due to its extensive design and operational expertise accrued over more than 60 years, has contributed to propagating a culture of quality and expertise aimed at everyone interested in expanding their knowledge.

As a result, the Hofer Academy was created, a space where tools and activities are all focused on creating and disseminating knowledge, which is essential for accurately creating environments and structures from a technical standpoint and for the welfare of those who use them.

Hofer Academy Activities

  • Organisation of training sessions
  • Involvement as a technical sponsor in the courses “Wellness & Lifestyle Design - designing wellness spaces” and “Leisure Lounge & Hotel Design Solutions” at prestigious institutions such as POLI.DESIGN in Milan.
  • Collaboration with trade associations such as Federalberghi, ASTAT, and other associations for training member hoteliers

Hofer Academy is also available to organise specific training events for groups of professionals and private individuals, tailoring the activities to specific needs.

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