Vista panoramica di un complesso di piscine realizzato da Hofer Group

Hofer Group Technical Support

The feather in our cap

Hofer Group Service provides expert technical support for plumbing, heating, ventilation, and air conditioning, as well as swimming pools and wellness areas.

We are the only group in Europe to have combined all the most complex issues in a single team, thus solving the major problem of skills and responsibilities.

More than 20 technicians work on this team, each with the best training and specific specialisations. Our warehouse is also optimised to meet their needs. Our comprehensive understanding of the installations allows us to provide industry-leading expertise and quality interventions.

Our headquarters are in Val Gardena, and from there, we travel throughout Italy, Switzerland, Austria, and Germany. This is because if you want to be the best, you must be a team, and a team is made up of people who sit down at the same table every day to pool their knowledge and experience.

Technical support and delivery of maintenance products


Scheduled maintenance contract

Whether a swimming pool, a Turkish bath, a sauna, or an air handling unit, they are all machines with motors and equipment inside. Just like a car, the equipment needs to be serviced periodically. Technical inspections, filter replacements, and calibrations are the basis for ensuring the correct and economical operation of the equipment.

Pulitore automatico per piscine

Once installed and turned on, your pool will be cleaned completely automatically. The automatic cleaner fully adapts to your needs by adjusting the cleaning time and process. For example, it will automatically decide whether to clean only the bottom or the entire pool.

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