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Continuous commitment to research and quality

Research and development are essential elements of the Hofer Group’s company philosophy. Consequently, the Santa Cristina facility includes a dedicated innovation office.

This way, services and products are optimised to offer only the best solutions for the swimming pool, sauna, heating, sanitary, ventilation and air conditioning sectors.

Vitarium 2.0: an innovation on a worldwide scale

The Vitarium’s blend of scents, steam, heat, soothing noises, and pure essential oils pampers the body and creates an environment of intense well-being.

Why choose it?

  • An international innovation, Vitarium is an exclusive Hofer Group product
  • Edge Design. It is a mechanism for uniting the sides of walls without corners or edges that was specifically designed from a technical perspective.
  • Structural beauty and practicality. Innovative artisanal lines, a modular structure that can adapt to any environment, and quick and easy assembly.
  • Innovative materials. Only high-quality materials are used for production, and the workmanship is top-notch. Cedar strips are laid and fastened on a screed to cover the chairs, couches, and room.
  • Energy-saving technology – cost-effective. Sustainable ventilation system, sensor-regulated humidity control system, and energy-saving air heating also in combined mode with the energy from the home heating system.

HOBOXX®: innovative technology for swimming pools

Hofer Group has succeeded in encompassing swimming pool technology in the machine room, a single compact construction system, keeping the environments tidy and easy to maintain. Expert technicians install them to ensure maximum quality of both the materials and construction.

Hoboxx® is suitable for managing swimming pools in hotels, public facilities, and even private residences.

Technical Features:

  • LAN or WLAN connection with multi-access
  • Control and/or display via the internet
  • Error messages via GSM, Modem, and Pager
  • Other control panel functions: display, alarms management, event log, and registration of accessory equipment
  • Specific customer requests can also be incorporated

Overflow energy recovery

This is essentially what a hydroelectric plant does, but without constructing a dam: the water that falls drives a turbine that produces power.

Our engineers’ intuitiveness allowed them to create a groundbreaking system that uses a hydraulic turbine to convert water’s potential and/or kinetic energy into mechanical energy. This mechanical energy then drives an alternator, which transforms it into electricity.

How it works

The falling water spins the turbine, producing mechanical energy. This energy drives a generator that converts it into electricity.

Environmental benefits

Since no fuel is used when generating power using hydroelectric plants, no greenhouse gases or other pollutants are released into the atmosphere.

Almoa® Headrest

Our research and development of this groundbreaking invention was driven by the need for an ergonomic design to soothe the neck, back, and entire pelvic area to ensure a genuinely soothing sauna. When lying down, body weight is distributed along the entire neck rather than being concentrated at one spot on the head. The upper curvature allows a beneficial and uniform weight redistribution. People with heavier builds and broad shoulders can also relax comfortably because of this characteristic. The shape developed for Almoa® enables the best possible sitting position by allowing proper weight distribution to the entire lumbar region. The Almoa® headrest is specifically installed on two places of the chamber backrest to ensure proper body support and is designed to integrate with all types of saunas seamlessly.

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