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Hofer Group

Storage of spare parts and maintenance products

2,000 square metres, 150,000 items, and digital flow analysis from plumbing to ventilation, from swimming pools to wellness, our warehouse is optimised to meet the needs of all technicians. Our warehouse has always been the go-to source for those seeking quality products that are consistently available.

Maintenance is important, which is why the origin of our products is strictly regulated. Our

Our chlorine is top-notch, manufactured in Germany, packaged in unique canisters, and marked with the production date.

The date is important for quality since no one will guarantee the amount of free chlorine present after six months. From pH, flocculant, or sodium chloride to essences for saunas, steam rooms, or experience showers, all our goods are of the highest calibre, and our logo is a mark of excellence.

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