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Beauty & Private Spas

We create the most exclusive beauty and private spas for you.

Wrapped in gentle warmth, relaxed by gentle expert hands, carefree amid light champagne bubbles, and pampered in a warm cocoon. In utmost privacy, the private spa is the pinnacle of wellness.

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Massage beds

Functional and perfect for all types of massage... ideal for relaxing mind and body.

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Hay treatment

The natural aroma of hay and the delightful warmth that envelops the body transport the mind to broad meadows caressed by the sun. All the benefits of hay in harmony with mental relaxation.

700x350 terra e acqua

Earth and Water

Four elements: water, fire, earth, and air. A light herb-scented steam, heated seats, pleasant clay caresses, and purifying rain. The Asian wellness culture.

700x350 vasche

Whirlpool tubs

The air bubbles embrace you and provide a wonderful sense of well-being in the water! The gentle massaging action relaxes the entire body and fills the tub with pleasant bubbles. Wellness from water and air, an extraordinary bathing experience!

700x350 lettini trattamento

Treatment couches

Professional couches are suitable for different treatments and are made of modern, durable materials for maximum comfort.

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Expert hands pamper you with natural products from the sea. Warm and cold sea water gliding over the body. Relaxed iodine breaths. Pure ecstasy for body and mind.

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The whirlpool tub with pool technology. Customised Aquarixx® structure, freshwater technology, and automatic sanitising. Design combined with automatic functionality.

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