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Building swimming pools for hotels and private facilities

Hofer Group specialises in building swimming pools for hotels, wellness centres, and private facilities, combining functionality with an attractive appearance. We design and create a perfectly shaped element that sits between water and earth, body and soul, relaxation, and joie de vivre.

Our products are always made of high-quality materials: your pool must be able to withstand all stresses and strains and retain its beauty over the years.

For this reason, we combine innovative architecture with intelligent design. As a result, you acquire a world of water and wellness that offers you so much more than simply something to look at.

The world of water

Water benefits us, both inside and outside. It has an immediate effect on our body and soul, creating a sense of harmony. It refreshes us and gives our skin a pleasing effervescence.

Water is the primary element in both large and small wellness centres.

Relax in a warm indoor pool or admire the stars in an outdoor pool! Free-style swimming in the pool, happy splashing in the paddling pool and a soothing massage in the whirlpool tub. We ensure that the swimming pool complies with your specifications in every way, beginning with thorough consultation, continuing through dependable installation, and concluding with secure commissioning and maintenance. Join us as we explore the world of water, which is our element, from designing to building swimming pools for hotels, wellness centres, public amusement, and private individuals.

The realm of swimming pools offers you infinite possibilities::

  • many variations in terms of design, colours, and proportions;
  • many variations in terms of technical equipment and investment costs;
  • many variations to enjoy wellness.
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