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Hofer Group Aquarixx pools

How much space do you have for your swimming pool? Would you prefer a pool for athletic swimming or relaxation? Would you prefer round, square, or freeform? The type of pool that is right for you also depends on the technical and architectural features and your personal desire.

We will be pleased to recommend the most suitable materials and pool technology to meet your needs. The rule also holds true to swimming pools: beauty of form must be closely linked to functionality.

Hofer Group can offer you the best solutions..


Aquarixx® is the highest-performance technology for the construction of top-level swimming pools. This technology ensures maximum thermal insulation and energy savings. The elements are custom-built, are light, and do not require costly on-site preparation work. The systems are already built-in during manufacture.

High-quality pools of any shape and size are safe, economical, and quick to install. Using the Hofer Group Aquarixx® system with prefabricated elements, we quickly, precisely, and safely create the pool of your dreams. How do we do it? With excellent materials and an innovative construction method combined with short delivery times. We also avoid long drying times.

With this approach, you have a lot of design and architectural flexibility in creating your pool. Aquarixx® is the latest innovative standard for building swimming pools, which has been researched and developed by the Hofer Group.


The pool is also designed based on its cladding. The shapes, angles, and expansions are elements that intersect directly with the cladding. With the reinforced liner, we offer the best waterproofing guarantee, streamlined cleaning, and easy maintenance. The simple and clean design helps enhance the architectural shapes and the atmosphere of the environment.

Reinforced liner






A private swimming pool does not always have to be lit; it depends on the atmosphere you wish to create. If lit, energy-saving LED technology is the most efficient solution. The ideal placement that will best showcase the pool’s architectural features may be determined through skilled planning.

White LED


No lighting

32 900x450

Music - Underwater audio

A rare emotion… Dive into the water and discover engulfing music that instantly transports me to another world.

33 900x450

Optional - Variable pool depth

Vary the depth of your pool! A specifically designed hydraulic system lifts the entire bottom of the pool. Just press a button to switch from a pool for swimming to a paddling pool to a terrace party pool!

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