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Ventilation for pools and Spas

A comfortable environment is the result of the balance between a well-designed system and quality technology.

Air handling and humidity management system

Swimming pools introduce a very risky variable to the environment, and the Hofer Group only succeeds in making these places the best to live in through experience and ongoing research. Our systems control room temperature and humidity, ensuring the least possible evaporation and the greatest possible energy savings. Experience is quality!


Air handling and air conditioning system

Wellness areas are a place to unwind and let your emotions take over; air is the primary ingredient that constantly surrounds us. The absence of draughts and unpleasant odours lets you experience wellness in the best possible way. Recovering thermal energy from saunas is only one of the benefits of a well-designed system with quality technology. Experience and quality are the foundations of a Hofer Group installation.



In swimming pool environments, we use MENERGA, which has always been the best air handling unit for these environments. The brand has always been built on two fundamental pillars: air quality and energy efficiency.



Without sacrificing the requirements established by our designers, we handcraft them to match the structure’s architectural design completely. They have long been a gold standard for high-end installations since they are quiet and well-insulated owing to modern materials.



Elegance comes from seeing only a delicate line, which does not interfere with the beauty of the room’s architectural design. They are expertly constructed and strike an unwavering balance between form and function.

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