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Dornbracht Showers

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Hand-crafted in our workshops, this is not just a shower but an actual technical element featuring state of the art technologies, high-speed stainless-steel nozzles and immediate essence dosing. Drizzle, natural rain, tropical rain or mist, all 3 programs guarantee a great feel.

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For the Hofer Group, showers are not mere showers. They are not just a way to rinse off. Showering only has one clear objective: pure well-being.
Hofer Group's emotional showers offer a pleasant and multifaceted showering experience. A shower also saves water and energy, therefore helping the environment. It can be really hard to believe how varied the interior of a shower cubicle can be. Our shower cubicles not only create a cosy atmosphere thanks to the fascinating lighting: the different colour effects also bring harmony to the body, mind, and soul, and lift the spirit. We can also choose to be transported by aromas and enchanting fragrances, like apple blossom and sensual pine.

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Aquamoon is a personalised shower experience to a new whole level. The innovative concept of this product allows to enjoy water in a completely new way. The interplay of four new water jets and the fascinating light scenarios trigger new emotions and help recharge your body's vitality through water.

Water’s impact on the body is extended to the psychological and emotional spheres. Through the combination of water and light, Aquamoon enhances the experience of “Bliss” with its sensations of relaxation, rest, and tranquillity. Today, we have a growing need for balance and vital energy. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is becoming increasingly important - Aquamoon offers a multi-sensory experience that can greatly contribute to physical and mental health.

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Horizontal shower

A Horizontal Shower provides a captivating massage while lying on your back. The innovative massage shower brings a completely new feeling of relaxation that can only be experienced in this position - all tension disappears, everyday stress slips away with the water and body and mind are noticeably revitalised.

The massage shower features six water bars (soft massage jets) above the bed. The water, delivered without pressure, falls on the body in soft drops, for a unique wellness experience that is as effective as a real massage. The Horizontal Shower can also be combined with various wellness treatments, such as exfoliation or soapsuds.

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Sensory sky

With Sensory Sky, you can enjoy a sensual shower as if you were outdoors.

Inspired by nature, this luxury shower stimulates all the senses through the interaction of various types of rain, mist, light atmospheres, and fragrances.

A special feature of Sensory Sky is the nature-inspired fragrances specifically combined with Signature Treatments. They are made with precious natural essences, fragrances, and balms and enhance the beneficial effect of water. Sensory Sky’s Signature Treatments have different light settings made possible by state-of-the-art lighting technology. Four LED spotlights and a light frame are built into the panel. Therefore, Sensory Sky can reproduce the full range of natural light - from the gentle glow of dawn to the bright light of day, from the intense, meaningful flashing to the soothing light of dusk.

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Comfort shower

High comfort and intense regeneration are combined in the Comfort Shower. With multiple spray locations and jet types, the inventive seated shower gives your Private Spa a special application that allows you to benefit from water’s healing properties even in this unusual posture. Deep relaxation and treatments like Kneipp jets, peeling, or leg shaving are possible.

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Leg shower

Leg Showers are alternating showers that automatically direct therapeutic water jets at the legs. This enables recovery after a strenuous athletic session or helps strengthen the body through targeted thermal stimulation. The application uses four Water Bars built into the shower at calf height and is conveniently operated using Dornbracht Smart Tools. Using these digital controls, you can create helpful predefined commands and precisely modify the temperature and water flow rate.

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Foot bath

The foot bath is a popular wellness application that benefits the entire body as well as the feet. The targeted thermal stimuli released by this shower (hot, cold, or alternating hot) have a positive effect on the circulation, immune system, metabolism, and nervous system.

To provide the maximum level of health and wellness, the Foot Bath combines different types of jets, comfort functions, and pre-programmed Signature Treatments. The luxurious footbath’s Signature Treatments and comfort functions are made possible by special nozzles designed to meet this treatment’s specific requirements. The wide mouth of the Waterfalls, equipped with a Pearlstream jet, lets the water run over the skin very gently.

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Vertical shower

In Vertical Shower, different spray points and jet types create a unique water experience. From neck to back massage, the massage shower provides a variety of soothing and health-improving water applications for use in your bathroom.

Water’s therapeutic effects are accessible in various ways thanks to Vertical Shower’s three distribution points. The Vertical Shower wellness shower combines new side showers with an innovative kind of massaging jet, so it’s more than just water pouring down from above. The new side shower heads massage the back and shoulders, envelop the body, and provide an unforgettable spa experience.


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