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Floating Salt Pools

Relax in our salt-floating pools, which have a salt content of 10 to 11% and are in no way inferior to the Dead Sea. As the name suggests, these pools allow you to float effortlessly on the surface of the water. As this is an external application, the effect unfolds its full splendor above all on your skin. The disinfectant power of the brine alleviates skin problems of all kinds, benefiting patients with neurodermatitis in particular.

The brine bath also proves to be extremely helpful for respiratory inflammation. The fine vapors hit the bronchial tubes directly and have an antibacterial effect, which has been proven to reduce inflammation more quickly. At the same time, breathing is made easier.

Alternatively, we also offer brine pools with a salt content of 2 to 3%, which also offer the above-mentioned benefits of salt.

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