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Outdoor swimming pool designs

Diverse and unique: no longer simply a plain blue rectangle, the outdoor swimming pool now adapts to your needs and the conditions of its surroundings, whether it be your backyard, a wellness centre, or a hotel garden.

High-quality materials and modern technology ensure enjoyment in the water, whether for recreational purposes or competitive swimming.

Specific details and simplicity. Long-lasting. A swimming pool that reflects your personality and its surroundings.

Water as created by nature. Dive in!!

Coperture scorrevoli per piscine

Sliding pool covers

A sliding pool cover can ensure maximum safety for everyone and retain a view of the illuminated pool even when closed. The pool wrap can be used in all conditions. A protected swimming pool is also an excellent way to lower management costs by up to 40%.

Copertura avvolgibile per piscine

Roll-up pool covers

Covering your pool will make it safer for children and pets and will also protect the system from impurities such as dirt and leaves. Covering a pool when not in use will increase energy savings, decreasing management costs by up to 40%.

Outdoor pools: maintenance

Using the proper products is essential to keep your outdoor pool at its full potential. Our line of pool maintenance and other products will help you keep your pool tip-top.

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