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Cool Environment

Chilling, cooling, alternating with heat: the use of cold in the wellness industry has become an absolute “must”. The wellness of the body and the spirit can both benefit from properly dosed cold stimuli alternating with intense dry heat or the moist heat of steam. With its extensive selection of cold treatments, Hofer Group can serve any public or private wellness facility entirely with environmentally friendly systems.

The Frigidarium of the ancient Romans served as our model. They already understood the importance of cooling.

We set out to revive this age-old practice by bringing it into the present day through innovative design and technological advancements. Our award-winning cold environments include Snowflake® - Mountainshower® - Icepool®.

All were designed and developed by our wellness professionals for both private and public wellness areas for cool regeneration following a sauna or heat treatment. They provide energy and health following the Kneipp method with energising stimuli and are comfortable, stylish, and equipped with cutting-edge technology. Choose the one that appeals to you the most. There is something for everyone!


Aquarixx® is the highest-performance technology for the construction of top-level cold environments. This technology ensures maximum architectural freedom while maintaining the highest level of thermal insulation through the use of custom-made panels for each customer.

Waterproofing and vapour barrier

Our chambers are waterproofed directly by our technicians according to design specifications. Our engineers constantly strive for excellence; thus, all our chambers also have a vapour barrier since insulation is not enough. Top quality technology derived from our extensive experience.


After using a hot or wet sauna, the Kneipp method is applied in a cold chamber. To create this beneficial emotion, one must follow the wellness principles of hot saunas, so the cold must evenly envelop the body. The structure’s radiant technologies produce uniformity and high performance. Additionally, cold is mixed with essences that enhance the experience.

Regenerating cold technology


Regenerating cold technology and ice


Regenerating cold technology with snow



The carefully regulated air exchange and circulation in a cold sauna are essential to provide a quality, safe atmosphere. Our experience in large air handling systems has enabled our technical department to create our controlled circulation system that clearly raises the quality of the sauna environment. This approach reduces consumption while improving the user’s sense of well-being.



Details that make the chamber perfectly tailored to your desires.


LED lighting



RGB lighting






Hofer Group also plans and implements

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