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Water technologies: techniques, energy, and care

From control technology and intelligent metrology to effective water treatment and care: all technologies must be convenient and offer maximum reliability and safety.

This is why the Hofer Group offers a wide range of technologies for swimming pools and wellness centres produced by renowned manufacturers.

Our employees are experts in swimming pool technology, have many years of practical experience and are always up to date on the latest developments.

We will be happy to advise you regarding the perfect technical solutions for your pool project!

Types of water

Without water, nothing would exist. It is the source of life itself. However, not all water is the same: there are many different types, just like people and nature. It can give us warmth and tranquillity, but also dynamism and movement. Water has always had an effect on the body and the soul, triggering a wide range of sensations. It has always been used as an elixir of life, as a natural remedy for general well-being. Its purifying power and existential relevance have given water a very special significance for thousands of years. Hofer Group knows the value of water for human well-being. We are aware of its high value and use it responsibly.

Soft water

Water with a salt content of less than 0.1 percent is considered soft water. It contains little or no dissolved salts.

As drinking water and a habitat, it is necessary for human life, and man himself is indeed a “form of water”: depending on age and muscle mass weight, the percentage of water in each person varies, in fact, from 50 to 80 percent. In our bodies, water is responsible for many vital functions: it aids detoxification, transports minerals and trace elements, and regulates body temperature. But water does not only have a positive effect on the inside of our body and is not only used for washing: a water bath relaxes, revitalises, relieves pain and gives us great pleasure!


Welcome to the sea! Saltwater pools with different levels of salt content - such as Dead Sea salts - for pure relaxation. Salt water stimulates blood circulation. Especially in cold weather, it strengthens the immune system and relieves the respiratory tract. This means that salt water does not only makes you fit: it also makes you beautiful. It detoxifies and removes toxins from the body, leaving the skin bright and supple. A pleasant and enjoyable hot bath to eliminate muscle tension and fatigue.

Hypersaline water

Hypersaline water has a valuable salt content of between 9 and 11 percent. Hypersaline water contains all the minerals the human body needs for good health. It is considered to be an all-round wellness element and, in fact, bathing in saline water has been proven to alleviate skin diseases and allergies. The salt deposited on the surface of the skin in contact with the water preserves the skin's natural protective layer and prevents it from drying out. A salt-water bath detoxifies and at the same time transfers its minerals to the body through the skin. This is why the respiratory tract is cleared in case of a cold and the immune system is strengthened for a long time!

Iodised water

Iodine occurs naturally in many types of water and iodised springs have been exploited for centuries as sources of mineral water. Iodine is an important trace element which, along with others, contributes to the production of thyroid hormones in the body. It affects the immune system and strengthens our mental vitality and ability to concentrate. It is also a natural “hunter” of free radicals in our skin, keeping it firm and smooth. This micro-element even supports metabolism and the heart, bowel and respiratory functions.

Water with oxygen

Health, vitality, efficiency and well-being require energy, and oxygen is the basis for making this energy available to the body. An optimal oxygen supply is indispensable for our body's metabolic process. Oxygen intake occurs mainly through breathing, but our bodies can also obtain oxygen through the pores of our skin. This regenerates, strengthens and increases the efficiency and resistance of the body, slowing down the ageing process of the cells. A true fountain of youth!

Water with magnesium

Magnesium is known as a mineral that is beneficial for muscles and nerves. It is found mainly in skeletal bones and muscles, but also between cells. Magnesium activates more than 300 enzymes useful for energy metabolism and reduces fatigue. It supports the functioning of the nervous system and is essential for muscles and bones, making it an excellent preventative measure against osteoporosis. The relaxing effect of baths enriched with magnesium has been known for many years. In particular, magnesium has been shown to relieve pain and relax muscles. The crystal-clear water is also non-aggressive to skin and hair.

Water with sulphur

Hot sulphur water relaxes muscles, dilates blood vessels, increases heart rate and metabolism. Blood flow to the skin is increased, improving the absorption of oxygen and minerals. Sulphur enters the bloodstream through the skin and is transported to areas in need of healing, for example after joint surgery. A sulphur-enriched bath eases arthritis or rheumatic conditions. Sulphur-enriched water also has healing properties for conditions such as psoriasis and neurodermatitis, acting as an antibacterial and soothing agent for the skin. Like a sauna, a sulphur bath leaves the body feeling pleasantly invigorated. Enjoy a break!


Invisible but indispensable: only modern pool technology ensures safe fun and carefree well-being. From control technology to effective water treatment and care, all technologies must be convenient and offer maximum reliability and safety. With the h2oBoxx® technology, the Hofer Group has developed an innovative and reliable product that can manage your entire pool technology conveniently and accurately in a compact space. h2oBoxx® can also be extended to manage other wellness technologies, so that only one interface is needed.

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h2oBoxx® - Complete pool management technology

h2oBoxx® is the true heart of pool technology. We have researched, developed and tested a unique and intelligent construction system. A combination of elements that work in perfect harmony. We have managed to fit all this technology into a single control cabinet that can control and manage your pool. With h2oBoxx®, the Hofer Group has officially set the standard for the next generation of swimming pool management. An international jury awarded to h2oBoxx® the Golden Wave for its innovative technology and efficient use. h2oBoxx® complies with EU regulations.

Sistema di controllo qualita acqua

Water quality control system

Continuous control of all water quality parameters and precise automatic dosing are essential for a peaceful pool experience. The precise pH value results in high disinfection performance and also protects against algae and bacteria growth. The dosing system must be designed to work in harmony with the distribution system in the pool: only then, will the result be effective.

Sistema di filtrazione

Filtration system

Filters are the basis for cleaning the water and making sure it stays crystal clear. The filter mass and the size of the filter itself are determined based on the size, shape and use of the pool. The design of an effective system starts with the choice of the most suitable filter. It is the design balance between technologies and filters that leads to perfect operation.


Technical room

With the construction method of the Hofer Group, everything is tidier and clearer. Maintenance operations are simplified, and the space occupied by the technologies is minimised.

Impianto di elettrolisi

Electrolysis system

Using water, salt and electricity, the highest quality “free chlorine” is produced directly on site. By controlling the factors that combine to make your chlorine, you have direct control over its quality. An efficient electrolysis system produces chlorine in a special tank and releases it into the pool circuit according to actual demand. The integrated design of the filtration and electrolysis systems ensures the best results.

Impianto uv

UV system

Chlorine amines (trichloramines, etc.) combine to cause red eyes, irritation and the unpleasant smell of chlorine. The UV system counteracts this by safely utilising the excellent disinfecting power of ozone and the sterilising power of UV rays. The water will be of the highest quality, crystal clear and with tiny bubbles of oxygen. These natural resources can be properly used thanks to the design integrated with the filtration system.

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