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Hammam - Steam bath - Humid Environment

Warmer steam and a pleasant, rich fragrance. The steam bath has been around since ancient times and is still a dearly cherished tradition in many cultures.

The key differences between the sauna and a steam bath are the lower temperature (about 45°C) and 100% humidity, which have an impact on the body’s perspiration.

The heat is cut in half, and the steam is enhanced with healing fragrant essences that envelop the body and delight and purify it.

Breathe in, relax, unwind. With over over sixty years of expertise, Hofer Group has developed cutting-edge technologies, combine steam essences effectively, and distribute them uniformly throughout the space, creating one-of-a-kind moments of relaxation that are in tune with the surroundings and have a profoundly beneficial effect.

Humid environment in detail

Our steam baths are meticulously planned, both minimalist and Asian, modern, and timeless. Doors, windows, benches, lighting: everything is designed to create an ideal environment for your complete well-being. Get inspired by the many models and variations and work with our professionals to develop the steam bath that is perfect for you. We can fulfil every need, from private to public, professional to tour operator.


Aquarixx® is the highest-performance technology for the construction of top-level humid environments. This technology ensures maximum architectural freedom while maintaining the highest level of thermal insulation.

They are not merely industrial panels; rather, they are one-of-a-kind creations manufactured specifically for each customer. The excellent features of Aquarixx® in building swimming pools (speed, lightness, simplicity, adaptability, etc.) also apply to steam baths.

Consult our experts, who will inform you of all the other advantages.

Waterproofing and vapour barrier

Since those who invented it know best how to protect it, our chambers are waterproofed directly by our technicians according to design specifications. Our engineers constantly strive for excellence, so all our chambers also have a vapour barrier since insulation is not enough. Top quality technology derived from our extensive experience.

Technology and ventilation

It takes more than just adding steam to build a high-quality chamber. The steam must be odourless, visible, and without temperature variations from floor to ceiling. This is the only way to experience a moisture-saturated environment in a way that is both healthy and enjoyable.

To achieve this quality atmosphere, we had to coordinate all our divisions and develop our own superior technologies in-house. State-of-the-art steam generators, intelligent circulation and air exchange systems, automatic essence dosing, stainless steel injectors and professional control units have all been included, but the success lies in the harmony with which all these technologies have been combined.

Steam technology

(40/45˚C – RH 85/90%)

Steam aufguss technology

(40/45˚C – RH 85/90%)

Salt steam technology

(40/42˚C – RH 70/80%)

Herbal steam technology

(40/42˚C – RH 70/80%)

Hammam technology

(40/42˚C – RH 70/80%)


Power Steam

LED lighting



RGB lighting


Kneipp showers






Hofer Group also plans and implements

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