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Vitarium 2.0 chamber

The Hofer Group’s Vitarium 2.0, an example of excellence, is the ideal setting for your overall well-being. It combines a traditional Finnish sauna with a Turkish bath, is made of high-quality materials, and has a very elegant appearance. With its combination of essences, scents, steam, heat, contemplative music, and pure essential oils, it was designed to revitalise the body and spirit. Vitarium 2.0 is an outstanding global innovation from an economic standpoint thanks to its unique ventilation system, sensor-controlled and regulated humidification technology, and energy-saving air heating.

Our technical division created the main wooden structure not only to be insulated but also to serve as a thermal accumulator. The covering is an antibacterial, water-repellent technical fabric, and the vapour barrier is made of aluminium bilaminate fabric. Double anatomical seats offer unique and complimentary features, and the Aquarixx® anatomical corner seamlessly unites them. Vitarium is a one-of-a-kind chamber and the finishing touch for elite wellness facilities.

Technology and ventilation

Our technical team has created a unique technology, resulting in a gentle embrace of emotions and sensations. The core component of the technology is the sophisticated ventilation system that ensures uniform sensations and gentle, enveloping warmth without stratification.

Wellness and sauna enthusiasts are delighted about Vitarium 2.0. With an average temperature of 50°C, a humidity level of 40%, and a combination of essences, scents, steam, heat, meditative music, and pure essential oils, it is an area that offers genuine well-being. An intriguing addition, a lavish alternative for resorts and spas, as well as for private individuals.

With Vitarium 2.0, Hofer Group has created a masterpiece in the wellness industry. The designers and engineers at Hofer Group collaborated to create this utterly groundbreaking product, carrying out abundant research, testing, and quality checks. Vitarium 2.0 is the result of aesthetics and technological research. It has several cutting-edge technical features and is constructed of top-notch materials.




LED lighting

Lighted copper diffuser


Cedar benches

Horizontally milled okume cladding

Cement-look corner bench

Dome cover in brass, copper, or silver


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