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Indoor swimming pools

Whether a hotel, wellness centre or private individual, we design your indoor pool with materials and shapes in harmony with your environment. We instantly feel good in a pleasant setting.

A shimmering surface of water and a pleasant warmth. Dive in and feel lighter. Modern swimming pools are not just simple tubs of water; they represent the world of wellness experiences.

That is why we create them according to your wishes and imagination. Indoor swimming pools will conform to the shapes of the structure and may otherwise only be a small portion of a larger wellness area where you can unwind and let go of everyday stresses in total peace.

Indoor pools: why build one?

We build indoor pools according to your design, helping you create your every desire. Indoor pools may be built in any environment and are usable all year round.

Do you like basic design? Traditional? Luxury? Hofer Group creates the swimming pool that meets your needs.

Indoor swimming pools: maintenance

In addition to supporting our customers in designing their swimming pools, we have developed a line of pool maintenance products!

Discover our products in our shop.

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