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Swimming pool accessories

The Hofer Group has a huge range of more than 300 pool products and accessories to make your dreams come true!

Water attractions

Impianto a onde 1 400x250

Wave system

Nothing makes a pool more unique than the ability to create real waves like the sea! A pneumatic system creates fun and adjustable waves of up to 80 cm. The shape of the pool, its size and the type of system are all taken into account during the design stage.

Flusso a torrente 400x250

Stream flow

Special nozzles appropriately installed at different heights and inclinations create a homogeneous current, distributed over the entire width of the pool and so powerful that it will carry you along like a real stream. Fun is guaranteed!

impianto nuoto controcorrente hofer group 2

Against the current swimming system

Swimming in a small space is possible. The wide water flow makes you feel as if you are tackling a running stream. The strength can be adjusted, leaving it to you to decide how much fun to have.

Cascata 1 400x250


Everyone wants to enjoy the feeling of being under a crystal-clear waterfall. Feel like you are in heaven as the water takes you in from above or hide behind it to see the world through the many water plays.

Gran Ciasa Corvara 1 400x250

28 air jet massage

Lying down or sitting down, you will enjoy the gentle massage of 28 air jets enveloping your body with soft bubbles. Your body will relax and your mind will experience total wellness.

48 new 400x250

Water/air massage

A bubble whirlpool system pampering you, with a wonderful feeling of well-being submerged in water! The gentle massage action relaxes the entire body and fills the pool with pleasant foaming bubbles. Wellness from water and air, an exceptional pool experience!

Massaggio con lettino Inox 400x250

Stainless steel bed massage

Lying on the stainless-steel bed feels like flying: the bubbles rising from below massage the skin and make the body feel light. But it is not just the body that will experience wellness: also your mind will float in total relaxation.

Gran Ciasa Corvara 3 400x250

Twin bed massagei

The air massage system invites you to be taken in by the water and relax your whole body. The bubbles come from modern smooth-coated stainless-steel strips. The design appears extremely modern and technologically advanced.

Massaggio a nicchia 1 400x250

Niche massage

A unique niche for your pool. An air plate and a micro-perforated niche create targeted and stimulating micro-massages that envelop and work your entire body with pleasant bubbles. The entire niche and plate are made of high-quality steel.

Massaggio con piastre ad aria 1 400x250

Air plate massage

The sight of one or more geysers rising from the smooth surface of the pool water is enough to trigger everyone's curiosity. Everyone wants to experience this jet of bubbles rising from the bottom and surrounding the whole body.

Massaggio a tre livelli 1 400x250

Three-level massage

UA pleasant water massage has a long-lasting beneficial effect on all muscles and tissues. The jets are arranged on three different levels, for a pleasant massage from the legs to the lumbar vertebrae.

Massaggio cervicale 1 400x250

Cervical massage

Gentle or stimulating, it will be like the touch of expert hands. A pleasant experience for the entire shoulder area. You can relax as long as you like.

Trampolino 400x250


A trampoline is a delight for young and old alike. Jumping has always been synonymous with fun and recklessness.

Scivoli dacqua 400x250

Water slides

Climb up the ladder, sit down... and off you go on a long water adventure! Whatever the height or type of material, water slides are fun for all ages!

Fungo in acciaio 400x250

Steel Mushroom

A fun water attraction for adults too: a refreshing and entertaining water veil descends from the mushroom cap. An always popular design element for play pools.


Games and attractions for kids

Coming down from colourful water slides, being drenched by light and exciting water jets or exploring the amusing animal figures scattered around the water. Water attractions create a world of spectacular new experiences where the little ones can have fun and scream their heads off. Each one of these attractions meets the highest safety and quality standard and is exceptionally easy to maintain.

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