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Mountainshower 700x350


It was created as a technical development of the famous bucket. Our designers took the historic exhilaration of water falling from a bucket and improved on it. It includes programmable automatic loading, high-quality construction materials, flush ceiling mounting, and customisable technology.

141 700x350


The bucket shower with ice water is just the thing to get completely drenched. Just pull the chain, and ice-cold water is spilt over you.
It has a stimulating impact and leaves a pleasant cold sensation. Ideal for cooling off after a Turkish bath or sauna.

145 2 700x350


The benefits on the neurological system and circulation are instantly noticeable, and the entire body is given a revitalising boost.
The river stones on the floor complement Kneipp’s hot-cold principle, which is the foundation for all the water’s advantages. Water carries mineral elements, heat, and mechanical effects and stimulates nerve transmissions. Five elements come into play in the Kneipp method: water, natural herbs, movement, nutrition, and inner balance. The benefits will not take long to appear.

144 700x350

Kneipp rainfloor

Evolution of the classic Kneipp path. Our technicians have combined Sebastian Kneipp’s original concept and the most recent technology available to create a functional and aesthetically pleasing floor flush Kneipp.

Ghiaccio 700x350

Ice fountain

The ice fountain in your wellness centre constantly produces refreshing ice.
After a relaxing sauna, the “cold” massage of the entire body encourages blood circulation and has an energising effect. The best workout for your circulation. Ice fountains and cold applications are extremely popular.

doccia neve hofer group

Snow shower

Our snow shower enhances any wellness area with the magic of real snow. It produces the finest snow crystals, providing gentle and refreshing cooling after a sauna session, without irritating the skin. The elegant and efficient snow shower perfectly imitates natural snowfall, opening up a wide range of uses. From refreshing cooling to medical applications the snow shower consistently promises an exceptional highlight. It seamlessly integrates into existing or new wellness projects, to offer your guests unparalleled moments of well-being.

147 1 700x350


The immersion bath’s refreshing action produces long-lasting effects on the entire body. Cold water closes the pores and stimulates skin vascularisation. Your nervous system is under greater stress, which results in beneficial impulses that are good for your heartbeat, respiration, and blood circulation. You will feel stronger and build up an excellent reserve of energy and well-being. In addition to offering numerous beneficial effects, the immersion pool has safe and comfortable access. Because of its adaptability to different architectural styles, you can enjoy a setting that is utterly private while setting boundaries for your well-being.

Pediluvio 700x350

Footbath with massage

The footbath has a relaxing and regenerating effect on feet, legs, and the entire body. The beneficial bath salts dissolved in the water carry valuable elements that stimulate the body and generate a vital balance. These treatments invigorate the circulatory and nervous system. The foot massage stimulates the circulation and recharges the muscles with new energy. Overall, an outstanding degree of well-being and effective regeneration are attained. The plantar whirlpool tubs are a break for pleasure and relaxation between the various baths and treatments.

Mulino 700x350


In essence, the mill shower’s effects are similar to Kneipp treatments and affect the entire body. Water acts as a vehicle for multiple stimuli, bringing harmony and vitality to the body.
As a result, the Kneipp method’s beneficial impact on circulation is once more produced. The mill shower has a rejuvenating effect and boosts circulation and the nervous system.

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